Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A book in the hand...

Almost, but not quite, the real thing - in fact what's known as the "uncorrected proof" that precedes the final print run, now due for delivery in a few days time.

What a journey it's been though. Writing it was just the beginning. I finished Heresy over a year ago, around July 2009 I think. It took me about six months in all - the rest has been proofing, design, production, although admittedly I haven't helped... for example the book should have been on the shelves at the beginning of this month if I hadn't made some radical last minute changes.

But despite the delays I'm really happy with Heresy now. I am a much better writer in revision (and revision and revision) than first draft, and I have been told the book is easy to read and to the point (but I'll get to the what, why and how in a later post).

Now undoubtedly the greatest challenge - marketing. Plainly I did not write a book about Unitariansism to make money or appear on Oprah. I began because I felt compelled to, continued partly because I was encouraged, and now feel a responsibility not only to myself but to the book itself. Readers too: from the reaction I've had so far I feel reasonably confident people will get something out of it, despite the strongest responses being to parts I had least expected!

As you can see, it has a revised Amazon page. You can place an order here now. If you do read it, by the way, and like it, please say so in the review!

The book also has its own website, which still needs a bit of work to be honest, but the advantage over Amazon may be that it's cheaper for postage overseas.

Finally, I'm really keen to get it reviewed. If anyone has an established blog and would like a free review copy, just email me (see my blogger profile) and I'll pop one in the post.

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