Monday, January 3, 2011


Agora appears on the surface to be a routine sword and sandals epic but as Roger Ebert points out is actually a film of ideas centred around the tragic, true story of Hypatia a female philosopher in late Roman Alexandria who fell foul of the Christian mob...

Continued at UK Spirituality.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

uunitalian, no, wait... uni-talian...

In the new year spirit of clarity, I've done something about the name - alright, I know "uunitalian" sounds a bit dumb, but "unitalian" also reads un-italian, which has always irritated me. The "UU" also has more meaning to me these days, as I feel theologically closer to the American than the British movements. So uunitalian it is - every bit as perplexing, yet to the point, as Unitarian Universalism.

UPDATE - swayed by Scott's sound advice, I changed it again!

Now the UK Spirituality blog is properly back on line (after 12 months! - I should get a UU medal of endurance for continuing to post up until 6 months ago despite the coding problems) I'm also going to try to concentrate more on that, although I'll flag posts up here. One modest attempt to inject some viscosity into the on-line liquidity.