Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fund the God or no God bus!

A theological dispute currently rages on the streets of London. A group of atheists funded an advert on London Transport reading There's probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life in response to the kind of ads on the double-decker below. 
The Christians are now counter-attacking with a raft of ads ranging from There definitely is a God to The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. 
Children. CHILDREN

On the other hand, why miss a golden opportunity? So anyone who wishes to fund God or no God, find love and wholeness with the Unitarians (or indeed, has any better suggestions), contact me at the address on my profile and we'll sock it to 'em with some grown-up spirituality!


Robin Edgar said...

Personally I am up for an ad saying -

There's Probably No Richard Dawkins.

No stop worrying about Atheist Supremacists and enjoy life! :-)

Robin Edgar said...

Come to think of it. . . I am *also* up for a UUA Presidential campaign ad saying -

U*Us Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Emerson Avenger!

It only occurs to me now to wonder if there is a somewhat unintentional Dr. Strangelove reference in The Atheist Bus campaign ad. . . :-)

Robin Edgar said...

Oops! The second link should have gone here.

Unitalian said...

There was me thinking I had three visitors but it was you thrice Robin!

I look forward to your contribution ;-)

Robin Edgar said...

I guess that's a rather unholy trinity! ;-)

I have actually been thinking of blogging about the UnHoly Trinity of the U*Us and your comment may be the push I need Unitalian. :-)

I think that Irreverence, Iconoclasm and Heresy might be reasonably considered to be the UnHoly Trinity of Unitarian*Universalism. I suppose that one might substitute Blasphemy for Heresy if one wanted to be "less than polite".

WVC = ventr

Robin Edgar said...

BTW Are you aware of the fact that Ariane Sherine, the young woman who first conceived The Atheist Bus campaign is the daughter of a Unitarian*Universalist and a Zoroastrian? According to her own testimony it was her inability to reconcile these to quite easily reconcilable religions that caused her to become an atheist. Not that Ariane couldn't have chosen to be a Unitarian*Universalist Humanist who honoured the "good bits" of her Zorostrian cultural heritage. . . That proposal seems to fit quite well with your God or No God bus ad idea. Maybe you can run it by Ariane Sherine yourself. I don't think that she is very happy with me at the moment. . .

Robin Edgar said...

The first 'to' should be 'two' of course.

Robin Edgar said...

Have fun with The Atheist Bus. . . ;-)

Yewtree said...

The Pagan community had quite a lot of fun with the atheist bus slogan, too.

Here's my suggestion: "There may or may not be a Divine Being or Beings, and they're probably just the anthropomorphic interfaces of vast cosmic processes, but anyway, they're on their own spiritual journey and their goals may or may not coincide with yours. They certainly can't be bothered to arrange for you to fry for all eternity on a hot griddle, so you can stop all that worrying."

But I like your slogan, it's quite a bit shorter than mine!

I like Robin's first suggestion, too.